Write a paper on the topic:

Write a paper on the topic: Locational base services. here are the instructions



(some paragraph on why you think your topic is important)

Your introduction should be the most captivating of your writing

3. Outline on the topic(includes references, literature, methods,..)

Brief description of a chosen technology( your writing can be comparative between two or more technologies too)

Measurable characteristics of the chosen technology.

Some 5-7 sources of the secondary data to back up some of these characteristics

Three or four companies as a case study/ applying the concept.

Analysis( validation of characteristics with companies based on secondary data)

4. Conclusion

determine the context, order, and any linkages between the required elements listed below

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Identify and write the main issues found discussed in the case (who, what, how, where and when (the critical facts in a case).

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Identify dependencies between various business areas and functions.

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