Write a program that will calculate the payroll for 3 employees.

Note – Subject to Change

Open project template to start

Complete the following

Structures for project

struct Employee {

string firstname;

string lastname;

int   hours;

int   regHours;

int   otHours;

double regRate;

double otRate;

double regPay;

double otPay;

double totPay;

double ficaTax;

double SSMedTax;

double totDecutions;

double netPay;

};  //Structure arrays

Employee employees[MAX_EMPLOYEES];

Write a program that will calculate the payroll for 3 employees. It will also total the payroll for the company.

Write functions that will do the following

displayMenu – displays the follows

•Press 1 to input employees

•Press 2 to input hours

•Press 3 to calculate payroll

•Press 4 to calculate totals – Extra Credit

•Press 5 to print payroll

•Press X to exit

getSelection – gets menu selection and validates input with a switch statement. Use a do while until get valid input. If not valid does the following

•Displays error message

•Calls displayMenu

•Gets new input selection

processSelection – extra credit to process

inputEmployee that will input the information for 3 employees. Use a for loop

•User input

string firstname;

string lastname;

int empNum;

double regular rate

double ot rate (calculated)

inputHours   that will get the total hours worked for each employee.

Note Overtime hours will be calculated in the calcPayroll function for hours worked over MAX_REG_HOURS

initializeEmployees sets all fields to “” or 0

calcPayroll – Calculates the payroll by using reg hours worked and overtime hours worked. Overtime hours worked is any hours > MAX_REG_HOURS  and is done for you

•Calculated fields

otHours – calculated as hours over the maxreghours. If regHours = 48 then OT hours would be 8

regPay (regHours * regRate)

otPay (otHours * otRate)

totalPay (regPay + otPay)

fica (total pay * fica pct)

socSec (total pay * ss med pct)

totDeductions (fica + socSec)

netPay (totalPay – totDeductions)

displayPayroll Displays all fields for each employee on a separate line. Format all money to 2 decimal places. Function will also print the payroll totals and averages

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