1. To understand the critical issues in software testing, focusing on black box testing. (You
can focus on black-box testing techniques to design and execute your test cases in Assignment 1.
Then, in Assignment 3, you can focus on white-box testing techniques and integration testing
techniques to conduct an overall evaluation of software quality.)
2. To demonstrate the ability to research and apply proper techniques to detect bugs.
3. To write a proper essay for a specific topic and presenting/arguing the findings.
Problem Statement
Selenium, JUnit, TestNG and Yasca etc, are automation testing frameworks widely used
by the industry. You are required to demonstrate your ability of correctly identifying
which testing method along with testing tool(s) to use to perform a test on a selected
You have been given a program along with this assignment question as an example of the
programs you can use for purpose of assignments of this unit. The taxMe program mimics
some basic Australian taxation rules by calculating the taxable annual income based on
four input variables including salary, medicareLevy, TBRLevy(Temporary budget repair
levy), and Lilevy (Lowincome levy). The value of medicareLevy, TBRLevy and Lilevy
can be “True” or “False”. The output of the program will be the amount of the payable tax
and the income after tax. It calculates the payable tax using the rules below: