2. You should read, review and research to answer the following questions in your own words. You may use reference sources from the internet, your workplace or another reference source such as a library.

a. Describe at least two avenues for identifying other relevant professionals.

b. Explain the requirements of at least two relevant industry codes of practice.

c. Explain the policies and procedures relevant to your role in a book-keeping organisation.

d. Describe the relevant statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements for documentation of accounting procedures.

Part 2. Report of the requirements to work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry


For this part of your assignment you are to write a report and document and respond to the tasks below to show your understanding of the requirements to work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry.


You may draw and include a flowchart where a process is identified in the task or list the steps required to complete the tasks as well as providing a written response.




1. Describe how you would set up and maintain systems to meet your compliance requirements through the following actions:

a. Developsystems to support user needs.

b. Develop and documentinstructions and guidelines for carrying out daily activities according to their compliance requirements

c. Conduct regular reviews of the system, adapting it as necessary.

2. Detail the steps you would take to complete your work, working both autonomously and in a team to complete the following work activities:

a. Identify what the tasks areto be done, and identify the conditions required for the autonomous or team environment work.

b. Plan out and document the work to manage resources, time and priorities

c. Throughout teamwork, provide feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts, and contributions.

d. Work together in the team to identify and resolve problems that impede team performance. How would you record the problems identified and how they were resolved?

e. Discuss how you would respond to changes in technology and work organisation.


3. Undertake to develop and maintain your own competency:

a. Identify your own professional development needs and goals, including clarifying any competency, authorisation and licensing requirements. Provide information about the needs and goals identified.

b. Identify 3 professional development opportunities that reflect your own needs and goals. Discuss how they fit into the timeline for your professional development.