Enterprise software platforms are designed to simplify complex enterprise problems for the
development, deployment and maintenance of multi-tier enterprise solutions. In this assignment,
you are to write a research report to critically review the current enterprise computing platforms:
Java EE, .NET and Cloud. In your review, you are to compare and contrast the major components of
the platforms and assess the potential impacts when choosing one of them for your businesses. To
complete this report, you need to have good understanding of the related issues and are expected
to do personal research.
The report is to be structured as an academic report and the sections must be titled and numbered.
Your work must be appropriately referenced using Harvard (author-date) referencing style. The
length of the report should be about 2,500 words. You are not required to provide an Executive
Summary for the report. An Exemplar for Writing a Simple Academic Technical Report is available on
the unit web site; you should read it before writing your report.