Write a summary document in Microsoft Word format named as “ITM205-SLP2-Summary-YourFirstNameLastName” to show what you have accomplished.

Module 2 – SLP
Input, Output, and Built-in and Programmer-Defined Functions
The SLP 2 assignment continues to explore built in functions and programmer defined functions.
For SLP 2, you will use Dr. Harrington’s e-book: “Hands On Python: A Tutorial Introduction for Beginners.” You need to follow hands-on exercises provided in the book, copy and modify the exercise’s code for three programs as they are on the e-textbook, and run them through the Python editor (IDLE). Once you have executed the code, copy the code and make the necessary code revisions. You need to run the IDLE to execute the changes and review the program results.
Create a Word file named as “ITM205-SLP 2-assignment-YourFirstNameLastName” containing a copy of the programs with source codes and running results. Your report needs to include the following three programs source codes AND screen prints of their results:

  • The first program that will display a prompt asking users to put in their names
  • After users put in their names, the program displays greet the users by their names

Note: read 1.10.1 for reference
The second program that will:

  • ask for three numbers
  • lists all three and their sum

Note: read 1.10.3 for reference

  • A third program that defines a function that prints a short poem or song verse. Give a meaningful name to the function. Have the program end by calling the function three times, so the poem or verse is repeated three times (Exercise

Note: read 1.11. for reference
You can use the Snipping tools or screen print (ctrl + Print Screen) to show the Python editor’s (IDLE) code and results and demonstrate that your program executed correctly.
Write a summary document in Microsoft Word format named as “ITM205-SLP2-Summary-YourFirstNameLastName” to show what you have accomplished.

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