Select a fire of significance (one that was in the news, known in history, or one that you are personally familiar with.) Write a synopsis of a couple paragraphs about the fire including the type of occupancy, the cause or suspected cause of ignition if unknown, materials involved, flame spread description, characteristic of spread through the compartments (if compartment fire). Following the synopsis, conduct a scientific analysis of at least three different aspects of the fire using some of the concepts we discussed in class with Heat transfer, Fire load energy density, Heat release rate, T-squared fire growth, Flashover calculation, Fire severity, Steel structures analysis, Concrete Structures analysis and etc. Include more than just narrative descriptions of the analysis, but include diagrams, equations and calculations (the fun stuff). If there are some assumptions in your data be sure to note that they are assumptions. Much of the information that you include may be hypothetical, which is okay, but your analysis must make sense.