A liquid mixture contains N components (N may be any number from 2 to 10) at pressure P(mmHg). The mole fraction of the i-th component is given by the Antoine equation. Raoult’s law may be applied to each component.

  1. Write the equations you would use to calculate the bubble-point and dew point temperatures of the mixture.
  2. Prepare a spreadsheet to perform the calculations of part (a).
  3. Test your spreadsheet by performing the following calculations:
    1. The bubble-point temperature of an equimolar mixture of liquid n-hexane and n-heptane at 1.0 atm.
    2. The dew-point temperature of a gas mixture with a molar composition of 30% n-hexane, 30% n-heptane, and 40% air at 1 atm Report the compositions of the vapor in equilibrium with the mixture in (i) and the composition of the liquid in equilibrium with the mixture in (ii).