You are a Management Consultant organization specialising in assisting small local businesses in

decision making.  Over the last few years your consultancy has developed a reputation for providing

 high quality business information and advice in the North East. Your client’s are often busy

entrepreneurs, who seek information and succinct strategic advice to help their businesses survive and


Despite the recession, Bengali Spice is thriving, takings have never been better. The owner’s,

Sarah and Sanjay, are going to gather data on the number of both current and potential customers

and their food preferences.  Sarah and Sanjay are considering expanding by purchasing second

 premises, adding to the current menu and purchasing a pizza oven.  They also want to refurbish

 their premises in order to make more space and be more attractive to the customers.  They are

experiencing difficulties in delegation and lines of responsibility and therefore are not making

the most effective use of their time in relation to delegation and day to day management of the

 business.  This problem is expected to escalate with the expansion.

You are required to gather data to enable the owners to make the correct decision as to how to go

ahead with the above project and the duration of such a project. Your presentation must be

coherent and logical in order to meet the needs of Sarah and Sanjay at an appropriate and well

researched level.

Task 1 (4.1 )

You are required to describe the difference between operational, tactical and strategic management.

  You then need to apply this to Bengali Spice.  You are required to describe the different types of management information processing systems which could be used at each of the different levels of management and in relation to Bengali Spice

Task 2 (4.1, 4.2)

You are required to create a Gantt Chart and a Network Diagram which will inform Sarah and Sanjay of

 the process they will follow in order to carry out their investigation and make all of the changes

 described in the scenario.  These diagrams must incorporate a realistic timescale for them to follow and determine the critical path.  You are required to use Microsoft Project in order to do this.  


Task 3 (4.3)

Bengali Spice wants to expand its operations and is faced with two possible investment projects.

The first involves expansion of their current facilities by the purchase of the premises next door.

The second project involves opening a second business in a neighbouring town.  Both projects

 have advantages, but since the market for their product is constantly expanding they need to make

 a quick decision.

Some thought has been given to possible costs and returns over the next five years and the

 current information is available.


Next Door

Second Premises




Cash Outflow:



Cash Inflows:


Year    1



Year    2



Year    3



Year    4



Year    5




The company’s cost of capital is 10% per annum.

The company’s present financial position is relatively sound. They have a retained profit from last

year of £41,500.


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