1.A high-speed “closing machine” is used in a tomato canning factory to install lids and seal the cans. It is in the middle of the “pack” season and a special bracket has separated from the main frame of the closing machine because the -24 UNF-2A hex-head cap screws used to hold the bracket in place have failed. The head markings on the failed cap screws consist of the letters BC in the center of the head. No cap screws with this head marking can be found in the storeroom. The -24 UNF-2A cap screws that can be found in the “high-strength” bin have five equally spaced radial lines on the heads. Because it is so important to get up-and-running immediately to avoid spoilage, you are being asked, as an engineering consultant, whether the available cap screws with head markings of five radial lines can be safely substituted for the broken originals. How do you respond? Justify your recommendation.