o You will be expected to use brute force to calculate the minimum cost paths for a
series of problems.
o Data for each problem will be supplied in a .tsp file (a plain text file).
• Hints o Be careful of exponential explosion. 10 cities will have over 3 million possible
o The largest data set will be 12 cities.
o I strongly urge you to create reusable code. It will be needed for the future
o In the future projects, we will be dealing with MUCH larger datasets. So large
that brute force approach would not be possible.
• Deliverables o Project report (2-3 pages). Describe how you generated the permutations
representing the tours. Show the route and the cost of the optimal tour for each provided
o Well-commented source code for your project (You can use any language you
like, but I reserve the right to ask you to demo performance of your algorithm on
a new dataset).
o You don’t have to include a GUI with visual representation of the solutions for
this project, but it might be useful for your future TSP related projects in this