You will be required to select and critique a current newspaper article on a topic that relates to governance. The newspaper article that you find may be relevant to one or more of these areas. The newspaper article must be current, that is, not earlier than 2014. Older articles maybe utilized where the topic is “historical” in nature. The article you choose must be related to one or more First Nations (Indigenous) Self-Governance topics. This may include any number of sub-themes such as citizenship, legislation, public accountability, land issues, public policy, the Constitution, etc. Keep the newspaper article that you select around 450-500 words. Articles that are too long become complex or if too short are difficult to critique adequately.
Provide a link (URL) to your newspaper article.
-Answer the following questions and submit your responses

  1. What is the main point of the article, i.e., what is the author’s position or argument in the article?
  2. Do you agree with the Author’s position?
  3. Why or why not?
  4. d. Provide an analysis of how you think the article relates to Indigenous Self-Government (approximately 200-300 words). Be sure to support your answer.