Analyze the Presidential Reconstruction of the U.S. South after the Civil War.

To give some parameters, your essay should be approximately 6-7 paragraphs with complete sentences.

A. Analyze the Presidential Reconstruction of the U.S. South after the Civil War. How did Reconstruction change and why? In what ways were the 4.5 million ex-slaves assisted by the constitutional amendments and the Freedmen’s Bureau? How did most Southerners react to such federal policies? How did Reconstruction end, and what was its legacy?

B. Discuss the major U.S. policies on Native Americans throughout the late 19th century. Why did American Indian tribes resist U.S. policies, and in what ways did they resist? What were some of the conflicts that occurred? What strategies did the U.S. Army implement in their war against Native Americans? How did the Plains War between the U.S. and Sioux Indians end?

C. Analyze the causes of the World War I. Explain how the war was fought in Europe. What steps led to the U.S. involvement in World War I? Discuss about the American Home Front. What were some of the domestic policies enforced at home? Explain how the war ended. Discuss Woodrow Wilson’s role in the Versailles Peace Treaty. What were some of the final terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty, and why was the agreement considered a failure?

D. Analyze the automobile revolution of the 1920s. Explain the rise of the women’s sexual liberation movement, consumer culture, and new forms of mass entertainment. What were some of the cultural conflicts of the 1920s? What groups were in opposition to the 1920s mass culture and why? What were the major causes of the Great Depression? How did President Herbert Hoover respond to the Great Depression? Finally, discuss the 1932 presidential election.

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