Research paper writing is more common when you start your higher studies; college, university. Many students think that research paper writing is very difficult because there is so much information collecting and formatting involved. The good thing is that during higher studies, we have more freedom to choose subjects that are interesting to us. Half the problem is solved here. Collecting data and literature on a topic of interest is far easier and your enthusiasm often leads you to valuable information.

Guideline for Research Paper Writing

Here is a guideline to help you through the research paper writing process and some tips to follow:

Selecting a Topic

Your topic should be unique but it doesn’t mean you have to select a topic where you might have to create information from scratch. Reading is a great way to develop ideas for new topics. Existing research always have gaps. Researches are often completed under limitations or applied to a niche. You can choose an existing topic but innovate in a way where you can apply it in a wider context or remove research methodology limitations.

Sources of Information

Many people make the mistake of sticking to the internet. It is easy to find information through past research papers and term papers to easily broaden your resources. Information is also available through books, encyclopedias, webpages, magazines, videos and documentaries. You will have much more information if you use multiple resources.

Rough Draft

Once you have the right information, start creating a rough draft. You can brainstorm it in your mind or write it down. The draft should give you a clear path about how are you going to organize the available information to create a meaningful document.


It is important to cite the sources of information you have used. However, the formatted version of the bibliography comes at the very end but you must save all the citations in one place so that you don’t have some misplaced information during the end of the entire process.

Title and Table of Contents

A research paper consists of a formal title page and content table. The title page should clearly indicate the topic of research and the author(s) who have conducted the research. The table of content must be organised with main headings followed by sub-headings.

Presenting the Research

Following the title and table of contents page is your actual paper. Organize your data according to what you decide during the rough draft. Ensure that each main heading has the relevant information and the entire research paper writing is completed in an organised and interlinked manner so that the document is meaningful.


You must create the bibliography according to the format required such as Harvard or APA style.

Research paper writing is not so hard if you keep yourselves organised in order to avoid too much hassle. You should ensure that your research paper is not without required parts like the objective of the research, literature review, research methodology, results and citations. Ensure that your research is of benefit to society, enables you to pass with good grades; all that is achievable if you contact us to experience the best in academic writing and your dream will come true.