The Four Different Types of Essays

Most individuals have troubles expressing themselves through their writings rather than speaking about their particular opinions. Essay writing is basically used to describe a short piece of work or writing, which reveals and explains the point of view of the writer, on a specific subject. Thus, the existence of four major types of essays.

The professors assign papers to their students to reveal information on a certain subject, and it has to have a lasting impression on the readers, especially the professor. Essay writing means writing a series of paragraphs and organizing the thoughts in correct order so that it does not complicate the reader.

Essay Types

Here are the few types of essays, which are required by the educational institutions:

1.     Narrative Essay

While writing a narrative essay, the writer is required to narrate a real-life experience. The narrative essay sounds challenging to a lot of students because they have to think and write about something related to them, or imagine a certain scenario and narrate it properly. There are two kinds of narrative essays; one is in a story form, and the other is a book report. You can consider attending a creative writing class with the intention of learning how to write a proper narrative essay.

2.     Descriptive Essay

When a student is asked to write a descriptive essay, he has to describe something, as the type of the essay suggests. However, it should be kept in mind that it does not mean that the student is required to write it only in a descriptive form, as he has to communicate properly and signify a deeper meaning through his essay. The writer has to display the descriptive essay with sensual and nuanced details, which also explains emotions and feelings, not just a boring description.

3.     Expository Essay

The expository essay is of a specific kind, which involves proper investigation on a certain topic, while evaluating the evidence, presenting an idea and supporting your idea with a logical argument. While writing an expository essay, it is recommended that the writer should consider comparing and analyzing the cause and effect of the required area. The structure of the essay should be built on the basis of this information. This essay usually consists of five paragraphs.

4.     Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay is somewhat similar to the expository essay as the structure of this essay is constructed on basis of facts and figures. The writer of this essay should build a strong case using the facts and logic, in order to persuade the readers on the basis of the research done on the specific subject. The writer is obliged to present the case from every angle so as to give strength to his argument. However, the writer should present his opinion based on those facts.

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