Answer questions 1-7.

Answer questions 1-7.

Question 5 addresses “committed” vs. “discretionary” fixed costs.  Below are the working definitions, of both:

Committed Fixed Costs – This is fixed costs which cannot be cut without affecting an organization’s ability to achieve long term goals. (i.e. Machinery, Rent)

Discretionary Fixed Costs – This is Fixed Costs which have no direct relationship between inputs and outputs. These costs are determined on a year to year basis. (i.e. company funded child care center, company funded country club)

Question 6 addresses WACM (Weighted Average Contribution Margin).  Technically, each segment should be proportionally weighted, however in this case, on page 4, exhibit one, simply take TOTAL CONTRIBUTION MARGIN / TOTAL REVENUE (last column on right) should yield the same result and save you computational time.  This information is found on Page 4, Exhibit one.

Complete the assignment with a discussion of what you gained from reading about these two entrepreneurs.

You have been given the assignment to read Beer School: Bottling Success at The Brooklyn Brewery. Upon completion of reading this informative book dealing with this real life rags to riches entrepreneurial….

Prepare an income statement and an owner’s equity statement for the 2 months ended December 31, 2019, and a classified balance sheet as of December 31, 2019.

Instructions Cookie Creations (Chapter 4) This assignment is a continuation of the Cookie Creations case study from Chapters 1–3. You will use the information from the previous chapters and from….

Complete Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 16 in the textbook.

Complete Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 16 in the textbook. Follow the text directions for Problem 5 closely. Problem 6 should be in paragraph form and answer all parts….