be a “mysteryshopper” conducting a review of an F&B business of yourchoice.

F&B Business ReportThis assessment focuses on developing your knowledgeand skills in hospitality industry within the Tourism,Hospitality and Events context. You will be a “mysteryshopper” conducting a review of an F&B business of yourchoice.Your findings should include the following categories (butnot limited to):1. Site Presentationo Locationo Signageo Décoro Toiletso Furniture2. Ambienceo Experiential touch pointso Comfort factorso Smells/ Aromaso Music levelsASSESSMENT BRIEFPage 2 of 43. Serviceo Staff friendlinesso Staff knowledge of menu itemso Staff efficiencyo Staff presentation4. Product Deliveryo Menu styleo Menu range of disheso Food presentation and tasteo Price and value5. Recommendationso Make four (4) recommendations for theimprovement of each category i.e. site,ambiance, service level and productdelivery based on your findings.* References to support discussion andrecommendations are a requirement of this report.Evidence of research is important.*Hint: Make use of bullet points, tables or diagrams. This isnot an essay format, so you can be succinct.


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