Bus4002 Assessment

The project requires each student to complete a piece of independent, supervised study based around the structure/ criteria shown below. This should complement the student’s taught programme (while avoiding duplication) and facilitate a detailed understanding of these business issues. Each individual project is, by definition, a unique piece of work. However, it should be remembered that each project must use a variety of academic theories/ models to discuss and analyse the areas mentioned in Section 7, below:

(Company i chose for this project is BMW. So following analysis must done for BMW.)

7 Structure of the Project
Title page

· 1) Introduction (500 words)

2) Comparative Analysis of the company’s competitive position in its various markets (1800 words)

-Investigate what is your companies position
-Who are its competitors
-What is the market share
-Where are they more successful and why
-If they are not competitive in certain areas why
-Apply models and underpin with theory throughout

-Inside-out approach – the importance of its capabilities and competences?

-What is the best explanation of why the company is doing well or poorly?

-Do not describe models APPLY them

These are some of the points given by lecturer about comparative analysis, as mentioned above it should be analyzed on different markets. Also, relevant theories must be applied but not described. You can expand these points.

3) What considerations should your company look at when trying to create Social Impact (1800 words)

-What is Social Impact
-Does your company “make a difference”
-How does it do this
-Why does it do this
-Look at CSR, Corporate Citizenship theory
-Apply throughout and underpin

Same as number 2, here are some points given by lecturer.

4) In addition to the above, Critically evaluate and analyse academic theories related to your two chosen areas, and discuss what your company needs to consider to enhance their business. (1000 words)
5) Conclusion linked to the earlier critical analysis (700 words)

Ø Total: 5000 words

· Full bibliography/ reference list using the Harvard system
o Note: Appendices are not permitted

Your work should:
· be well-presented;
· be written in good English, including grammar and spelling;
· be fully and correctly referenced, using the Harvard system, both in the text and at the end;
· use relevant theory appropriately in all three sections;
· show clear links between theory and practice;
· be logically structured;
· show a good level of analysis and understanding (not just simple description); and
· have conclusions that fit with the earlier analysis.