Calculate the cost per equivalent unit of material and conversion cost for January – using the Weighted Average Approach Units Materials Conversion Work in process January 1 2,500 50% 35% Work in process January 31 45% 25% Materials cost in work in process January 1 $25,000 Conversion costs in work in process January 1 $10,000 Units started in production 12,000 Units transferred to the next department 8,000 Materials cost added during January $20,000 Conversion costs added during January $7,500 Complete the grey cells that required information. Beginning Inventory Units Started this Period Units to be accounted for Direct Materials Conversion Costs Units in process January Units completed & transferred out Ending Inventory Units accounted for Direct Materials Conversion Costs Beginning Inventory Current Costs Total Costs Equivalent Units Materials Conversion Units completed and transferred out Work in process, January 31: Equivalent units of production in work in process Total Cost Materials Conversion Cost to be accounted for: Work in process, January 1 Costs added in January Total Cost Equivalent units Cost per equivalent unit