Compare the skills selected and their benefits for the future.

 In your response, address the following:

  • Compare the skills selected and their benefits for the future.
  • Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences, or program of study and career choice.

Your response should be about 100 words.


Before taking this course I didn’t have much confidence in myself when it came to writing. In the past I would ignore going back to school due to writing. After taking this course I have the right confidence when it comes to writing papers. I have learned that writing is important in my professional career as a social worker by writing emails, documents treatment planning, communicate with other professional colleagues with patients and their families.  During this course the two skills I have develop are brainstorming and writing a thesis statement. Before this course I had a hard time with coming up with ideas for my paper. Now I can write down my thoughts and come up with a idea for my paper. When it comes to a thesis statement is one sentence that express the main idea of a research paper. I still have some  challenges that I will like to overcome when it comes to writing. I would like to keep my audience attention when it comes to writing. By knowing my audience and asking rhetorical questions, and having a clear purpose. Following these steps would help me with keeping my audience attention.

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