Assessment 1

Assessment task: Individual report

Weighting: 50%

Date: Monday 9th March 2015 (week 7)

Time: 6pm

Method of submission: Turnitin

Word count: 1500 words

Assessment criteria:

Content, knowledge and understanding               40

Level of analysis and synthesis                             30

Conclusions and applications                                10

Clarity of expression                                                10

Use of literature and quality of referencing           10

LO1 Assess operational systems for their effectiveness and critically appraise

operational planning and implementation within hospitality units.

LO3  Identify and evaluate the importance of marketing sales and promotion in

relation to food and beverage management.

LO4  Appraise the food and beverage consumer and consumer product

relationship. This module consists of two assessments:

Assignment One involves writing a report analysing two Food and Beverage outlets.

Assessment briefing:

You are required to write an academic report comparing and analysing two food and beverage operations. These establishments could be where you are currently employed or are familiar with. The report should be written from a consultancy perspective.


Before you visit the restaurants you should design a check-list to evaluate the businesses, based on food and beverage theory. This must be included in your appendices along with a SWOT analysis of the operations.

The Report

The report must be in standard academic format with a summary, contents page, introduction, main body, conclusion, recommendations, reference list, and appendices. All references must be in Harvard format. See your Course Handbook for full details of the presentation requirements.

Your report must include the following:






The practices observed in the establishments should be compared to academic food and beverage theory throughout the report. Your conclusion should summarise the most important findings, and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the operations from the point of view of meeting customer expectations and maximising revenue. You should also consider the effectiveness of your evaluation tools, and reflect on the differences between theory and practice.

Your recommendations should make suggestions which could improve the customer experience and improve sales. You should also include suggestions about how to improve your own investigations. All recommendations must only be based on problems identified within the report. For all recommendations you should clearly identify the problem and the intended benefit.

Evidence should be provided in the Appendices to support your work e.g. SWOT analysis, completed check-lists for (both establishments), menus and photographs. .All documents in the Appendices should be clearly analysed within the main text.

Timing of online feedback: Within 3 working weeks of submission

Note: Please compare two specified restaurant Wagamama and Nandos based in London

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