1. Convert the following into standard form. (a) 456.3 (b) 902 344 (c) 0.000 285 (d) 8000 (e) 0.047 12 (f) 180 -A (g) 38 mV (h) 80 GN (i) 2000 -F2 .Write the following quantities in scientific notation. (a) 1500 ohm(b) 0.0033 ohm (c) 0.000 025 A(d) 750 V (e) 800 000 V(f) 0.000 000 047 F3. Calculate the charge transferred in 25 minutes by a current of 500 mA.4. A current of 3.6 A transfers a charge of 375 mC. How long would this take?5 .Determine the value of charging current required to transfer a charge of 0.55 mC in a time of 600 s.6 .Calculate the p.d. developed across a 750 ohm resistor when the current flowing through it is (a) 3 A, (b) 25 mA.7. An emf of 50 V is applied in turn to the following resistors: (a) 22 ohm , (b) 820 ohm, (c) 2.7 M ohm , (d) 330 k ohm. Calculate the current flow in each case.8 .The current flowing through a 470 ohm resistance is 4 A. Determine the energy dissipated in a time of 2 h. Express your answer in both joules and in commercial units.9. A small business operates three pieces of equipment for nine hours continuously per day for six days a week. If the three equipment’s consume 10 kW, 2.5 kW and 600 W respectively, calculate the weekly cost if the charge per unit is 7.9 pence.10 .A charge of 500 -C is passed through a 560 ohm resistor in a time of 1 ms. Under these conditions determine (a) the current flowing, (b) the p.d. developed, (c) the power dissipated, and (d) the energy consumed in 5 min.