Convert the following into standard form.

1. Convert the following into standard form. (a) 456.3 (b) 902 344 (c) 0.000 285 (d) 8000 (e) 0.047 12 (f) 180 -A (g) 38 mV (h) 80 GN (i) 2000 -F2 .Write the following quantities in scientific notation. (a) 1500 ohm(b) 0.0033 ohm (c) 0.000 025 A(d) 750 V (e) 800 000 V(f) 0.000 000 047 F3. Calculate the charge transferred in 25 minutes by a current of 500 mA.4. A current of 3.6 A transfers a charge of 375 mC. How long would this take?5 .Determine the value of charging current required to transfer a charge of 0.55 mC in a time of 600 s.6 .Calculate the p.d. developed across a 750 ohm resistor when the current flowing through it is (a) 3 A, (b) 25 mA.7. An emf of 50 V is applied in turn to the following resistors: (a) 22 ohm , (b) 820 ohm, (c) 2.7 M ohm , (d) 330 k ohm. Calculate the current flow in each case.8 .The current flowing through a 470 ohm resistance is 4 A. Determine the energy dissipated in a time of 2 h. Express your answer in both joules and in commercial units.9. A small business operates three pieces of equipment for nine hours continuously per day for six days a week. If the three equipment’s consume 10 kW, 2.5 kW and 600 W respectively, calculate the weekly cost if the charge per unit is 7.9 pence.10 .A charge of 500 -C is passed through a 560 ohm resistor in a time of 1 ms. Under these conditions determine (a) the current flowing, (b) the p.d. developed, (c) the power dissipated, and (d) the energy consumed in 5 min.

Complete the assignment with a discussion of what you gained from reading about these two entrepreneurs.

You have been given the assignment to read Beer School: Bottling Success at The Brooklyn Brewery. Upon completion of reading this informative book dealing with this real life rags to riches entrepreneurial….

Prepare an income statement and an owner’s equity statement for the 2 months ended December 31, 2019, and a classified balance sheet as of December 31, 2019.

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Complete Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 16 in the textbook.

Complete Problems 5 and 6 from Chapter 16 in the textbook. Follow the text directions for Problem 5 closely. Problem 6 should be in paragraph form and answer all parts….