Create a webpage that will serve as a beginning portfolio/resume site for yourself.

Create a webpage that will serve as a beginning portfolio/resume site for yourself. For absolute beginners in HTML and web design, you can keep this page simple. For others that have some previous web design experience, challenge yourself by using some CSS and put some more thought into the design of your page.

Include the following HTML elements: (15 points)

  • the correct HTML5 doc structure (!DOCTYPE, html, head, body)
  • a title for your web page
  • heading tags to break up the various sections of your content (About Me, Education, Employment, etc.)
  • paragraph tags around all paragraphs
  • a link to at least two websites (perhaps link to your college or place of employment)
  • at least one ordered or unordered list (perhaps for your interests or accomplishments)
  • at least one image file (image file that you copy to your PC and link to from your html page)
  • Your html page should include ALL of the following tags (opened and closed tags where appropriate).
    • html
    • head
    • meta (for charset)
    • title
    • body
    • p
    • h1, h2, h3, etc. (you do not need to use all of the heading sizes)
    • img
    • a
    • ul/ol
    • li

Include the following CONTENT: (10 points)

  • Your name and email address
  • Highlight your education and work experience (at least 1-2 items – you don’t have to list everything!)
  • Your career goal
  • Your interests
  • Your favorite websites

Save your file and Upload to CANVAS

Save your web page as project1.html in your project1 folder on your own computer. View the page in your web browser by right clicking and selecting OPEN WITH and selecting your favorite web browser. When you are satisfied with your page, upload it (and any associated image files) to this assignment submission.

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