Indicative schedule for this unit

Table A:  AnIndicative schedule forEnhancing Skills and Knowledge  


Assessment details:



Assessment Tasks: Descriptions

Learning Outcomes

Weighting (%)

Due date


Report  20%


1600 words. 20%

Week 6


Presentation and Reflection 80%



6400 word (equiv)  20%



ASSESSMENT 1       Report

Due date: Week 6, .Weighting: 20%

Length: 1600 words


For this assessment, you are required to complete a report(1600 words) related on your area of research interest.  The aim of this assessment is for you to develop,clarify and refine your thinking about your emerging research foci.  You will need to engage with the substantive and methodological literature related to your Inquiry.

Assessment Criteria

This task will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Critical Presentation of existing knowledge, theory and views related to the topic area, interpretative and critical analysis of context. (5)
  2. An explanation of choice of paradigm; methodology and an explanation of the research design that will be adopted

to answer / explore the research inquiry and a discussion of ethical issues that may be relevant and how to

they will be managed; (5)


  1. Demonstrates connection to theory/practice synthesis, interpretative and critical analysis of context. (5)
  2. Consistent use of appropriate academic style, which includes the use of language, structure, adequate length, as well as accurate documentation of sources. (5)


For more in-depth detail about this criteria refer to the assessment matrix provided in the Unit Guide for this task. The task and the assessment criteria will be discussed in class.


ASSESSMENT 2       Poster Presentation (and written reflection)

Length: 6400 words (equivalent) consisting of oral presentation of poster and a reflection on the process of formulating an inquiry.

Submission type: Presentation face to face with to class members.


This assessment task will involve all students participating in a presentation of their  inquirywhere you will have the opportunity to present your research and receive feedback about  from your colleagues and lecturers. You are to prepare 10-15 minute individual poster presentation, including the specific research problem/question; the main issues that are relevant to the research topic; the methodology and methods  used ; any possible ethical issues that may arise in the conduct of the research; and who will benefit from the research (its significance).  Students will also be required to submit a reflective summary of the process in relation to the themes of sustainability , ethical praxis  and social justice.  When developing your presentation, you should demonstrate participation in a learning community where you share your ideas and receive feedback about them from your colleagues and lecturers.  Similarly you are encouraged to provide respectful feedback to your peers about their emerging research proposals.  The task requires you to use a blend of modes (such as written, oral, and or visual,) to present your ideas and thoughts and the particular requirements will be outlined by your class lecturer.

Assessment Criteria

This task will be assessed against the following criteria:

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