Critical Reflection on Parliament Program & the Australian Legal System

  1. The unit learning outcomes assessed are:
  2. Analyse the components of the Australian legal systems, and elaborate how these components intersect and interact and how lawyers use these systems (LO1)
  3. Communicate using appropriate professional legal language and express ideas and perspectives (LO2)
  4. Situate and analyse Australian legal systems within the broader contemporary social and political contexts (LO3)


This assignment is based on your in class experience in Module 3 (Mock Parliamentary Committee Meeting) As you are aware, the parliament is the legislative arm of the government. Laws are made here. This assessment is a critical reflection on this activity, your learning and contextualising of the Australian legal system.

You are required to:

  1. Attend Module 3 and participate in the Mock Parliamentary Committee


  1. Reflect on the class activity and write a Critical Reflection on the experience and making connections to how political and social factors impact the legal Your reflection must include:
    • A reflection on your learning experience through your participation in the mock Parliamentary Committee
    • A comparison and reflection upon the mock Parliamentary Committee Meeting and the unit content and other outside experiences
    • A reflection upon social and political factors that impact the Australian Legal System

This is a critical reflection of the mock Parliamentary Committee Meeting and should not be a recount of the class activity.


   Your reflection must have an introduction, body and conclusion.

  •   Use sub-headings
  •   You can write in first person language.
  •   You must conduct legal research

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