Describe Interprofessional collaboration that would be required to implement the quality improvement initiative.

Executive Feedback Form:

Complete your Executive Summary paper first, find a nurse leader or if you are not working a RN that can read your paper and provide written feedback on the feedback form. Please complete the enter document and have the person who is evaluating your paper sign the form (no electronic signatures). You can scan the document or submit a picture of the document in the assignment area.


Executive Summary Paper:

This paper is written in 7th ed APA format. Please review sample paper in the announcements.


· Title page (separate page)

· Introduction paragraph that provides information on what your initiative is going to be about. Discuss in detail so the reader knows what you plan to do. End paragraph with a thesis statement.

· The purpose of the quality improvement initiative. (What do you hope to accomplish with your initiative? Please support your thoughts and opinions.)

· The target population or audience. (Who is going to be affected by your initiative)

· The benefits of the quality improvement initiative. (How is this initiative going to benefit your organization? Please support your thoughts and opinions.)

· Describe Interprofessional collaboration that would be required to implement the quality improvement initiative. (Who does this involve and why?)

· The cost or budget justification. (If you are going to need funds for your initiative you need to provide detailed information on the costs, if there are little to no funds needed you can provide a justification for the budget)

· The basis upon which the quality improvement initiative will be evaluated. (Describe how you plan to evaluate the initiative to see if it going to meet what you are wanting. Need to provide details.)

· Wrap up paper with a conclusion paragraph.

· References Page (this page only contains references that have been cited in the paper) Need a minimum of 2 references but use enough to support your information.

Remember that paragraph is a minimum of 3 sentences.

Using a heading for each section of the paper will help guide you and the reader.

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