describe the hypothetical business or organization, and outline or support your recommendations.

COLLABORATION Recommending Technology Solutions People use computers and mobile devices in a variety of fields, including travel, manufacturing and more. Although the way people use computers and mobile devices and varies, each use involves hardware, programs and apps, and some type of communications method, such as the Internet or cellular network. Do This Form a three-member team in which you all are interested. Assign one member to investigate hardware, another to investigate program and apps, and the third member to investigate communication methods used in the field. Locate user reviews and articles by industry experts. Each team member should develop a list of related items that may be used. After the investigation, create a hypothetical business or organization in the field. Recommend specific hardware, programs or apps, and communications capabilities that would be best for the network or organization. Include comparisons of specific items, as well as costs. Be sure to summarize your investigations, describe the hypothetical business or organization, and outline or support your recommendations.

Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

Exit Strategies It’s difficult to believe that after going through everything it takes to get a small business up and off the ground, often times the next steps are to….

What affirmative defenses (e.g., duress, fraud, public policy) will you present?

Leonard v. Pepsico: Cold Hard Facts   Inspired by the commercial shown in this assignment’s video, Leonard set out to obtain a Harrier Jet. Leonard explains that he is “typical….

Discuss any aspects of the course you enjoyed or would like to see improved to provide a better learning

  Supply Chain 1 – Describe and discuss three (3) concepts that you have learned in this course.  Define the concept and discuss how you demonstrated/learned the concept in course activities…..