Imagine you are a Classicist specializing in ancient Rome, and you have been traveling the world trying to bring back together separated objects from one original ancient location. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Choose one (1) of the following TYPES of structures from ancient Rome:
    – the private home of a member of the patrician class
    – a civic building
    – an imperial monument
  2. Next, conduct research online to find a real example from the ancient Roman world of this type of structure you chose as discussed in this Unit. (Remember, the ancient Roman world grew quite large, so you do *not* need to limit yourself to the city of Rome or the Italian peninsula itself. You may NOT choose any building or monument discussed in the assigned readings or lesson file .
  3. Conduct as much research as possible into your chosen site: note the historical context, how it fits into Roman culture and history as we studied it, and note three additional works of art associated with it (these could be decorative elements or works of art included in the site, such as sculptures or paintings). Again, you may NOT use any examples from the assigned readings or lesson file.

Next, write a 3-4 page text that you post to the Discussion Board providing the following information:

Students must reference their sources at the end of their discussion board post.  Please use either MLA or Chicago Style format.This assignment will be worth up to one hundred (100) points and will be graded based on the following criteria: