What if? Hypothetical situation questions allow the interviewer to determine values, and to determine if the interviewee has orderly thought processes. Describe your philosophy of education. This he.lps the interviewer hear what the interviewee hopes his students will learn and how she has integrated the philosophy into teaching. How would you set up a program (such as reading)? Look for one-to-one student-teacher communication, a set of checks and balances for assessing master~ p_l~ to monitor the plan, where to seek resources, how to accommodate individual differences in students. What are your weaknesses? Look for an admission that anyone can learn and an indication that the interviewee does not think she knows everything. Define the principal’s role. Look for those applicants who perceive the principal as fulfilling multiple roles : a resource for research, a facilitator and supporter, a mentor, an instructional leader. Describe yourself. Look for enthusiasm, warmth, caring, emotional maturity, leadership skills, and a willingness ‘ to learn.