When an apple orchard owner plants 65 trees on an acre of ground, he gets an average yield of 1500 apples per tree per year. For each additional tree planted per acre, the annual yield per tree drops by 20 apples. Use this information to answer the next two questions. 54. Let x represent the number of additional trees above 65. Determine a formula for the number of trees (T) and the number of apples per tree (A). (A) and and T = 65x T = 65 + x T = 65x T = 65 + x T = 65 + x (C) (D) (E) and A = 1500 – x A= 1500 x A = 1500 – 20x A = 1500 – x A = 1500 – 20x and and 55. Calculate the number of trees that should be planted per acre to produce the maximum crop of apples and use that value to determine the maximum yield? The maximum yield is: (A) 7,000 apples (B) 30,000 apples (C) 97,500 apples (D) 98,000 apples (E) 100,000 apples