Question #3. : Consider the project mentioned in question 2 and answer the following:


i. Draw a UML use case diagram for the Data Collection and Storage system. You’ll have to make a few assumptions about the way a user interacts with this system.


ii. Develop a class model for the Data collection and storage system




Question #2


Consider the following case study:




Data Collection and Storage During the pandemic of COVID-19, it is quite difficult to get the household and other necessities in a lock down situation. To facilitate people, the home delivery services, and courier services need the exact house address so that the things can be delivered at the doorstep without wandering. To cope with this problem, we need to develop a system that will provide not only the physical address but also the shortest routing path from source to the destination. The aim of the project is to build a prototype that will starts from studying the existing approaches around the world and then establish a systematic approach towards the formulation and normalization of data, then infrastructure to collect reliable data, and evaluate and store centralized data.




The outcome of the project will be:




i. A mobile application to collect from user the describable address of the current location, and current coordinates from the mobiles GPS receiver.


ii. A database system allowing storage and querying the data




Defining and testing practical approaches to offer incentives to the members of the public to collect and submit data using their smart devices. For example, we can design a mobile application for restaurants, bakeries, etc. that d