Value: 40%

Due Date: 06-Apr-2021

Return Date: 04-May-2021

Length: 1500 words excluding references

Group Assessment: No

Submission method options: (online)

In response to recent media attention on the rising incarceration rates of Indigenous Australian peoples, your organisation is working towards a culturally competent approach for future professional practice to work more effectively with local Indigenous Australian peoples and communities.

a 1500-word research report which outlines the social, historical and institutional factors (policies and practices) which have impacted upon Indigenous Australian people and cultures. 

Your report needs to include the following 5 sections.

1.  A brief introduction

2.  Discuss settler colonialism and the racial ideology underpinning it;

3.  Explain socio-economic and political policies/practises and their impacts;

4.  Provide a conclusion that demonstrates an understanding of the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous Australian people and the criminal justice system.

5.  Make recommendations for your future practice or profession: You have been asked to include information on the benefits of being culturally competent in your practice or profession, and to provide recommendations based on your own understandings as a culturally competent professional.