This assessment is based on operational management.
You are required to write an individual report on Disneyland Paris which addresses the following four questions:
1. What markets was Disneyland Paris aiming for, and how was this delivered through their operations?
2. What were Disney’s main mistakes from the conception of the Paris resort in 1992 through to 2006?
3. In your opinion which aspects of operations management does Disneyland Paris need to improve for its future success, and why?
4. In April 2012 Disneyland Paris celebrated its 20th anniversary. What advice would you give them for the next 20 years?

This report should be 2000 words in length.
You should ensure that you read widely on Operations Management theory.
You may introduce operations management concepts not covered in class if you feel they are relevant if you can apply them effectively to Disneyland Paris.

Answer Preview 

Disneyland Paris Resort

Disneyland Paris Resort was originally known as Euro Disney Resort. It is among the most famous entertainment recourses in the Western Europe. The resort originated from Walt Disney in Florida, US. The resort covers over 40000 acres and comprises of theme parks, resort hotels, entertainment area, and errands (d’Hauteserre, 1999).  Currently, the park gets over 15 million visitors yearly. There are only two Disney parks outside the US; the Disneyland Resort Paris and Tokyo Disney resort.

Before the launch of Disneyland Resort Paris, over 2.5 million Europeans were visiting the US Disney parks; hence, it was obvious that a similar resort in France would attract a lot of Europeans. Moreover, Paris city is famous as a global tourist attraction region. The development of Disneyland Resort Paris aimed at reaching the European market.

The organization aimed at acquiring permanent employees from the region, but it was later realized that extensive effort was required to win French employees. The resort experienced high staff turnover rate in the year 1992. Many people in the region believed that the resort brought into Europe an American cultural interventionism. For counter for these critics, Disneyland Resort Paris established European themes in the park so as to attract majority of French natives. …………. For full answers to the above questions, place your Order Now! 

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