Alejandra, an international exchange student from Venezuela, is enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at your university. Only a few weeks into her first semester at a U.S. university , Alejandra begins to show signs of academic struggle in ESL 101 Introductory Grammar & Writing and ESL 105 Conversational English. Her professors alert the necessary individuals of their concern for Alejandra’s success in their course, describing deficiencies in her reading and writing skills, as well as worry for her acclimation to the university and the United States.

1. Define the ideal network of support for an early intervention program at your university. Diagram (see diagram in attachment) the various entities that must be present to successfully and holistically support the student.
2. Why is each unit important and what does each department contribute to the success of the student?
3. How do the various areas within the university work together to retain each student?
4. Explain how the early intervention process at your university will assist Alejandra academically and socially to ensure success.
5. What is the progression and who is involved to ensure this student is supported appropriately and fully?


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