Question and Requirement:read carefully。
You will pick a entrepreneur, MUST write this Entrepreneur:Jack Ma (Alibaba Group founder)
)use the entrepreneur as the basis of your essay. Your essay should include a thorough analysis of the following:
1) what is the role of the chosen entrepreneur (i.e. Kirzner, Schumpter etc.)
2) what entrepreneurial personality traits does the chosen entrepreneur have and why
2) how has the entrepreneur shown their leadership acumen
3) what opportunity was spotted by the entrepreneur and how did they use their creativity to ensure they met the gap
4) in what ways has the entrepreneur grown their business (and why)
5) what are the international achievements and how did the entrepreneur achieve this
6) is the entrepreneur aware of the ethics of their business, if so how and why

You should give a background of your chosen entrepreneur and why they are important (both for the economy and as an entrepreneur). You MUST justify your choices (with academic references – you are expected to refer to and reference a minimum of 15 academic articles or you lose 10% of the total mark) – it is COMPULSORY to use journal articles which support your choices. Also, you MUST have theory incorporated in your essay.

Some questions you may wish to address:
• Why pick a certain entrepreneur?
• What has she/he accomplished?
• What does their business mean to the economy?
• What makes this entrepreneur different from others?
• What role does this entrepreneurs play?
• What examples of the entrepreneur’s personality can you give?
• Why is entrepreneurship important?
• What do you think motivates people to become entrepreneurs?
• What factors contribute to starting a successful entrepreneurial business?
• What key skills does it take to become an entrepreneur?
• What key challenges do entrepreneurs face in trying to grow their businesses?
• Are there policies and government support to assist them?
Essay Format
• Include a front cover (see Submission Procedure)
• An introduction
• Headings and Sub Headings
• A conclusion
• A reference section
Your work should be formatted in the following way:
• Word count in accordance to the assignment guideline words. Word count excludes; figures, tables, references, appendices and headings.
• Font to be 12pt Times New Roman, justified with 1.5 line spacing.
• Include a section at the end of the assignment headed References which lists the authors and their works that you have cited in your answer.
• Appendices can be used to include RELEVANT additional information but content MUST be discussed in the text.
• Harvard referencing to be used.
Tips on essay writing
• Always read the question carefully – including the instructions (e.g. “define” = give a concise meaning of the topic, “compare and contrast” = examine the similarities and differences between topics or ideas, “analyse” = show the nature and relationship of the topic, “explain” = state the how and why, where possible, state causes). Ensure that you understand exactly what is being asked so that you can answer the question set.
• Write an essay plan, identifying the main issues and the structure that you intend to follow. (You do not need to submit this plan; it is for your own personal use. In an exam situation, you may write a plan in the answer booklet and simply score it out once you have completed the essay).
• Start the essay with a short introduction – normally this should include an outline of the issue addressed/ the aims of the essay, identification of the main points covered and an indication of the structure of the essay.
• The structure of the essay should be logical – you should make clear links from one section to the next. If the question indicates that there are two (or more) parts to the essay, make sure that this is reflected in the structure. This will ensure that you devote an appropriate amount of attention to all parts of the essay and do not leave core questions unanswered.
• Structure the essay into different sections – it should contain at the very least a beginning, middle and an end. Do not start an essay in the top left hand corner and continue writing without break until the bottom right hand corner. Use paragraphs to differentiate different sections and points.
• Stick to the point – Make sure you are answering the question.
• Include in your essay concepts and theories – that you have used to help build understanding of the issue. Where necessary, provide definitions of these.
• Include practical examples that are relevant to the points that you make.
• Ensure that diagrams are clearly labelled – (with a title and a reference, if appropriate) and their purpose explained.
• Finish with a short conclusion – summarising your main arguments.

Common Mistakes
Note that marks are often lost due to some of the errors below. So use the points below as a checklist for your assignments.
• Reference throughout text are needed.
• Justify with references not assumptions or opinions.
• Never use ME, MYSELF and I.
• Harvard referencing both in the text and in your referencing section – i.e. do not use websites in the text, who is the author of the article from the website?
• Only use academic/valid/reliable resources – WIKIPEDIA is not one of them!
• Presentation is important.
• Structure – introduction, aims, argument and conclusion.
• Include examples (with references).
• Check for grammar and spelling mistakes.
• Read and re-read what I asked and not what you think you should be writing and doing.
Submission Procedure
Your assignments MUST have a cover sheet that contains the following information:
• Students Name, Registration Number, Degree Programme, Year of study
• Tutorial group number and Tutor’s Name
• Course Details – name and course code
• Details of the assignment (i.e. assignment name) and word count