The topic: Ethics often fills the gap between current legislation and the needs of the computer/information systems industry particularly when considering the global nature of such systems. For example, the use of the Internet, websites etc.

The requirement is to critically discuss the topic above and write a report of 3000 words, which critically reviews, analyses and appraises the concept.

The report must contain the following components:
1.An abstract summarising the purpose and content of the report – (about 300 words).
2.An introduction or background to the issue – (about 400 – 500 words).
3.A critical analysis of the available literature reviews – (about 1500 – 2000 words).
4.Findings and conclusions – (500 to 700 words).
5.References – (between 10 – 15 references).

The references must be used in the text within the essay and at the end as a full reference.