write a 2,000-word assignment submission answering the following questions:

  1. Explain the limitations of using heuristics to carry out decision making with multiple objectives.
  2. Using the SMART process for decision making with multiple objectives, carry out an analysis on the information given in the case about the press refurbishment and identify which of the four companies lie on the efficient frontier.
  3. Based on your answer to (2) above, provide your recommendation on which of the four companies should be chosen to carry out the work, providing justification for your decision. There is no need to carry out sensitivity analysis.
  4. Using relevant information from the WM Pressings Case Study and other sources, critically analyze the role that making decisions in an ethical manner can play in enabling businesses to be successful.
  5. Using relevant examples from the OIL project, reflect on your learning of various tools and objectives used for decision making.

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