Business improvement techniques (ILM Assessment ) All the answers should be as ilm assignments standard UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF CONTINUOUS QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT WITHIN THE WORKPLACE 1. Explain why continuous quality and performance improvement are important for an organisation? 2. 2. Explain how the team could be encouraged to adopt continuous improvement techniques? KNOW HOW TO USE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES TO CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE THE WORKPLACE 1. Identify a problem within the team or own area of the organisation and explain two possible causes of the problem? 2. Explain how to address the problem using a recognised business improvement technique and/or tool? 3. Outline one method that could be used to measure the effectiveness of the proposed improvement tool or technique? KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE THE BENEFITS OF THE IDENTIFIED IMPROVEMENT FOR IMPLEMENTATION 1- Outline the reason(s) for selecting an identified improvement? 2- Describe how the benefits of the identified improvement could be reported?