interview a Saudi female entrepreneur, on the phone then write about it

For this assignment, you must identify a female entrepreneur in the SAUDI ARABIA and interview her name and she is a designer (( I will provide you with a Saudi entrepreneur and you have to create a scenario(its ok if its fake but you have to use her name ) so talk about FAWZIA AL-NAFEA )).

phone interviews are acceptable. Email interviews are NOT acceptable. The report of your interview should be 5-8 pages. The following provides a guide for the kinds of questions you should ask. However, you are not confined to these questions. Your interview should be a conversation rather than a stop and start, question and answer session. Your grade will depend upon the DEPTH of your interview and how skillfully you follow up on your interviewee’s responses to encourage her to elaborate and go into depth.

Interviewees should be assured their names will not be revealed to anyone other than yourself and your professor and will not be used in any research based on the reports of the entire class’s

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