All of the following are benefits of traditional management style except….

Choose the most appropriate response from the choices given.

Question One

All of the following are benefits of traditional management style except

Subordinates always obey superiors
Clear structure

Question Two

As a nurse manager achieves higher management position in the organization, there is need for what type of skill

Personal and communication skill
Communication and technical skill
Conceptual and interpersonal skill
Visionary and interpersonal skill

Question Three

A nurse with the responsibility of deciding the number of staff members WHO will be assigned to a unit has what kind of power.


Question Four

Which method is BEST to assess one’s effectiveness as a teacher

Review amount of formal education
Ask opinion from a friend
Wait for input from others
Review personal interactions.

Question Five

When group members are unable and unwilling to participate in mankind decision, which leadership style should the nurse manager use:


Question Six

Which of the following principle of management stresses the need for employees to follow orders and instructions from their managers and not from anyone else

Scalar chain
Unity of command




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