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What is that, what’s that light, what am i I doing here, who the hell is that ugly man? Am I dead or alive?

I need to get out of here I need to go back to my son he is in need of me. But where the hell am I. this doesn’t look like the hospital at all. Is that the doctor? No no he was a lot taller than that. I need to ask him about my son I need to see my son. Hey where is my son his name is Jake do you know where is he, I asked him. Why is he running away hey stop I need my son where are you going? Why is it so dark out here I can’t see anything what is happening to me? *monster passed out*

Uh what’s that bright light? It is called a lamp the short doctor said. Why didn’t you answer me earlier? I asked the short doctor.

Because I couldn’t understand you, you were just roaring all the time.

And why was I roaring?

Because your parietal lobe was damaged and I replaced it and now you can speak very clearly but with a weird accent.

And how did you do that and how did you did it and who are you.

Wow hold your horses calm down you and your questions I’m not done with you yet I still need to sew your head, I will answer your questions later.

Then he continued on working my brain and left my questions with no answers but what I don’t understand is why am I here and why do I look different. Uh oh it looks like im fainting again.

Hey are you awake hello waki waki, you need to eat something or else you will faint again.

Then I saw some bread next to me and some cheese and tea I started eating but I felt like im not eating anything it felt tasteless because my brain is still worried about my son and I have about a million questions that have not been answered.

Are you full or do you want more? He asked.

No thank you I want answers and I want them now.

Ok ask what you want and I will try to answer it.

Who are you?

I am Frankenstein and I am a scientist and this is my house/laboratory meaning its where I do experiments on humans, animals and insects.

Ok then what did you do to me and why am I here?

I have brought you back to life by using other dead bodies organs mostly people who their brains stooped working so meaning they are half dead half alive and I used your brain to control the whole body because your heart wasn’t inside you and I only had half an hour to keep your brain working and I did that by putting someone elses heart in your body until I finish the body that I have been making.

How long did it take you to make the body?

Oh about 25 to 30 years.

So you telling me I was dead since about 30 years!!!

Yes oh I have had a question that I have wanted to ask you ages a ago, why don’t you have a heart?

Because my son got shot in his heart by a crazy criminal who was running away from police and my son was coming back from school and he saw the crazy criminal running away and he was crazy enough to try to stop him and the criminal shot him straight in the heart. So we took him to the hospital and the doctors said that the only way to save him was by someone donating their heart to him so I said I will do it. I couldn’t let him die he was only 19 years old.

Frankenstein started to cry and cry I asked him why you are crying he said

“I think I am your…….”