AAST 220 – Reading Assignment #2

Chapters 14 – 15

1) How were black people prevented from voting despite the Fifteenth Amendment?





2) How did white Americans justify segregation?





3) Why did the South experience an epidemic of violence and lynching in the late nineteenth century?





4) Why didn’t more black people leave the South in this period?




5) How and why did the agricultural and mechanical training that Hampton Institute and Tuskegee Institute offered gain so much support among both black and white people? Why did black colleges and universities emphasize learning trades and acquiring skills?





6) How compatible was the educational philosophy of the late nineteenth century with the era’s racial ideology?





7) Of what value was an education for a black person in the 1890s or early 1900s? To what use could a black person put an education?





8) What purpose did the black church serve? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the black church? What roles did black clergymen play in the nineteenth-century America?



9) How could a black soldier justify participating in wars against Native Americans, the Spanish, and the Filipinos? Why did black soldiers serve? How well did they serve?





10) Did black people derive any benefits from the expansion of segregation and Jim Crow?





11) Why did ragtime, jazz, and the blues emerge and become popular?





12) How did segregation affect amateur and professional athletics in the United States?