How was slave Christianity different from free black Christianity in the North?

Weeks 5 -6 Assignments
1. Read Chapter 5 African Americans in the New Nation
AND Chapter 6: Life in the Cotton Kingdom in your The African American Odyssey textbook
1. Write a short response to ONE of the following questions regarding either African Americans in the New Nation or Life in the Cotton Kingdom (your choice which question to answer) : Your response must be at least 1 1/2 pages, double spaced.  Specific details will be found also under Course Materials –including how to submit your paper. These are questions that are covered in the two chapters you have read for this block of assignments: Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
Don’t plagiarize from the text. I want you to make sense of the reading, and use the text to support your ideas. Prove your position with facts and examples. In other words, have an opinion, and support your view. If you quote the textbook, simply include the page number in parentheses like this (14).
You will be graded on content as well as grammar, punctuation, organization and clarity of expression. Please take the time to proofread carefully. This assignment is worth a possible 20 points.
Here are the questions you must choose from. Only ONE.
a. Keeping in mind all the forces that worked for freedom and all the forces that worked to keep slavery, why do you think slavery lasted so long in the South but disappeared much earlier in the North, (be able to prove your point from the text—and your own ideas need to be well thought out also.)
b. One really interesting idea to explore is the different varieties/types/forms of Christianity in the early Republican era. Clearly consider the following: How did Christianity differ for slaves in the Old South than for free white people>? How was slave Christianity different from free black Christianity in the North? And give some reasons WHY as well.

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