The ACM has created the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (The Code).

The Code is intended to be “useful as the conscience of the profession, but also

for individual decision-making.” The lesson on Using the Code explains:

“computing professionals should approach the dilemma with a holistic reading

of the principles and evaluate the situation with thoughtful consideration to the


When analyzing a situation, review all the principles of “The Code” to see which

of them apply to the situation. Any decision or action should be based upon

the applicable Code sections.


➢ The situation you will analye follows on the next page.


➢ You will start a word processing file, named and Saved As: CodeXXX,

where XXX is replaced by your initials.


➢ The Assignment is due by Monday am 4/19/21 8:30am – NO EXCEPTIONS !

(see DropBox, here in Blackboard)


➢ Your grade will be based on

• your ability to follow the instructions (10%)

• your thorough examination of the code and the identified applicable

sections (30%)

• the explanations for how the principles apply (40%)

• Your recommendation (20%)


• This is another Project Grade !!




1. Think about this situation:

A contractor owns and runs a consulting company named JustAskin. JustAskin

has been hired by the KnowItAll Company to interview its staff and establish

employee’s knowledge of systems used at the company. At onset, the purpose

of the project was identified as a way to inform KnowItAll about the type of

training courses they could implement to improve performance and target

areas of need. The information collected would highlight areas of overall

weakness as opposed to individual short-comings, however the data collected

will be able to identify an individual’s weaknesses. KnowItAll employees

participated after signing consent agreements that stated, “Comments made

to JustAskin by KnowItAll interviewees would remain private.” Following the

conclusion of the study, a KnowItAll Senior Vice-President approached JustAskin

to find out, “Who did well in the study and who did not?”. The Senior VP went on

to explain he was processing budget requests from employees for equipment

and seminar attendance and the data could be used to make the best use of

available funds.


2. Review “The Code”

and determine which principles apply to this situation. Go through each section

and think about how it affects the knowItAll & JustAsking employees from the

scenario. Identify and list each code section, and subsection, and tell whether it

applies. Include an explanation of how each code section applies to this

scenario, if applicable. You must list multiple principles from “The Code”.


3. Review the principles that you identified in part 2, and

Considering them, how do you think the employee from JustAskin should

ethically reply to the request?


– Type your answers within the appropriate areas of your word processing


– Write in complete sentences

– Your grade will be based on your ability to follow the instructions, your thorough

examination of the code and the explanations for how the principles apply.


– As a resource, you can review the following case studies found under the link

“Using the Code”

• Medical implant Risk Analysis

• Dark UX Patterns