This assignment requires you to implement a game engine and console based user interface (logging output only, no user
interaction required) for a casino style card game that is loosely based on Black Jack but is for the gambler in a hurry that doesn’t
want to think too hard and wants to trust in luck alone without having to worry about statistics!
The rules are simple, for each round, the player places a bet of a chosen amount up to their maximum available points (see NOTE1
below) and then receives a set of cards from the dealer (from a 28 card “half”* deck containing the cards 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A of all
suits) until they bust by exceeding the limit of 42 (or reach 42 exactly). There is no bust card if the player scores exactly 42 otherwise
the final score is the sum of the cards prior to the bust card (see scoring below). * “Half” deck in quotes since it is not exactly half a
standard 52 card deck!
The house then deals on their own behalf against the players .. Highest score wins! A draw, where both the player and house score
the same result, is a no contest and the bet is returned to the player. The game then proceeds to the next round where the process
of betting and dealing continues.
The rules for scoring the cards are also simple with no action required by the player. An Ace is always worth 11 (not 1!), Jack, Queen
and King are 10 and the other cards are worth their face value. i.e. an eight of spades is worth 8 points.
NOTE1: Player points are not changed by placing a bet, they are only changed after the House has dealt and the win/loss has been
NOTE2: Players are only competing against the house to win more points, with their win loss determined only by their own and the
House’s dealt cards, not by the other players. Also, do not worry about modelling a real Casino “Black Jack” game with its more
complex rules such as splitting etc. The focus here is on the implementation using a simple, highest card sum wins.