After all that I have learned and still have alot to learn. I will make sure that there are several different things set up in the classroom for the kids to learn using their hands or by reading or just by doing something. I have learned that not all people learn in the same way and it is best if you can have kids learn their way. The state and districts let us know what the kids should be learning and I will take everything into consideration and then teach the kids the best I can and the best ay they learn. If we have a classroom big enough and the resources to help each cild learn, then that is even better. Some kids may learn faster than others, then you can use them help them teach their peers. We will all need to start with the basics and work our way up, but thats how we all learn. Comment as you see fit. Min 40 wordsor more

The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest. The flood had made, the wind was nearly calm, and being….

indicate how your proposed change should be brought about.

Topic:For Essay #2, choose a problem you see in society that needs a solution. This paper will be argumentative, and the argument should focus on possible solutions to the problem….

What is Mrs. Mallard ‘s social class? What clues lead you to this conclusion?

How is Mrs. Mallard ‘s character developed? Do you see examples of exposition, where the narrator simply tells us information about the protagonist? In addition, does Chopin portray particular emotional….