Question and Requirementread carefully

You will pick a entrepreneur, MUST write this Entrepreneur:Jack Ma Alibaba Group founder

)use the entrepreneur as the basis of your essay. Your essay should include a thorough analysis of the following:

1) what is the role of the chosen entrepreneur (i.e. Kirzner, Schumpter etc.)

2) what entrepreneurial personality traits does the chosen entrepreneur have and why

2) how has the entrepreneur shown their leadership acumen

3) what opportunity was spotted by the entrepreneur and how did they use their creativity to ensure they met the gap

4) in what ways has the entrepreneur grown their business (and why)

5) what are the international achievements and how did the entrepreneur achieve this

6) is the entrepreneur aware of the ethics of their business, if so how and why


You should give a background of your chosen entrepreneur and why they are important (both for the economy and as an entrepreneur). You MUST justify your choices (with academic references – you are expected to refer to and reference a minimum of 15 academic articles or you lose 10% of the total mark) – it is COMPULSORY to use journal articles which support your choices. Also, you MUST have theory incorporated in your essay.


Some questions you may wish to address:

Essay Format


Your work should be formatted in the following way:

Tips on essay writing


Common Mistakes

Note that marks are often lost due to some of the errors below. So use the points below as a checklist for your assignments.

Submission Procedure

Your assignments MUST have a cover sheet that contains the following information: