Manage personnel and resources to enhance the quality of working life:

ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

BY: Ammr Alharbi

For this situation stated, we should refer to “The Code” to see how it may be applied or may not be applied.



1.6 Respect privacy:


1.7 Honor confidentiality:



2.1 Strive to achieve high quality in both the processes and products of professional work:


2.2 Maintain high standards of professional competence, conduct, and ethical practice:


2.3 Know and respect existing rules pertaining to professional work:


2.4 Accept and provide appropriate professional review:


2.5 Give comprehensive and thorough evaluations of computer systems and their impacts, including analysis of possible risks:


2.6 Perform work only in areas of competence:


2.7 Foster public awareness and understanding of computing, related technologies, and their consequences:


2.8 Access computing and communication resources only when authorized or when compelled by the public good:


2.9 Design and implement systems that are robustly and usably secure:



3.1 Ensure that the public good is the central concern during all professional computing work:


3.2 Articulate, encourage acceptance of, and evaluate fulfillment of social responsibilities by members of the organization or group:


3.3 Manage personnel and resources to enhance the quality of working life:

3.4 Articulate, apply, and support policies and processes that reflect the principles of the Code:


3.5 Create opportunities for members of the organization or group to grow as professionals:


3.6 Use care when modifying or retiring systems:


3.7 Recognize and take special care of systems that become integrated into the infrastructure of society:



4.1 Uphold, promote, and respect the principles of the Code:


4.2 Treat violations of the Code as inconsistent with membership in the ACM:

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