Management Functions in Action – StarBucks in Dame street Dublin


Management Functions in Action

You are required to carry out both primary and secondary research. To support this, it is critical that you have referenced your research correctly from essential, recommended readings and appropriate academic journal articles.

You will be required to write a group report of 6000 words and prepare a group presentation of your key findings.

Choose a manager from any organisation, profit or non-profit. After carrying out secondary research on the four managerial functions, (planning, leading, organising and controlling) conduct an interview with a manager, examining these four areas and how management theory compares to management practice.

An introduction to these areas should contain an overview of the role of the manager and their respective organisation/sector.

What are the main sources of information that your manager uses in planning, do they use models to structure this information? (20 marks)
Given today’s uncertain economic environment, how does your manager deal with structural change and development. (20 marks)

Examine the leadership style of your chosen manager and how they motivate their employees. (20 marks)

Make recommendations as to how the control process can improve the overall effectiveness of the organisation. (20 marks)

Prepare a presentation outlining the key findings of your report. Presentations will be scheduled during class time in March/April (20 marks)

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