1. Match each combining form in Column A with a meaning in Column C by inserting the appropriate number in Column B

Column A                           Column B                              Column C

(a) cervic/o                                                                     1. woman


(b) colp/o                                                                      2. breast (i)


(c) culd/o                                                                     3. breast (ii)


(d) gravid                                                                    4. menstruation/ monthly


(e) gynaec/o (Am. gynec/o)                                       5. birth


(f) hyster/o                                                                  6. vulva (external genitalia)


(g)lact/o                                                                       7.placenta


(h) mamm/o                                                                   8.perganant heavy /pregnant woman


(i)mast/o                                                                               9. Pertineum / area between anus and vulva


(j)men/o                                                                                   10. Pertaining to midwifery and childbirth


(k) metr/o                                                                               11. To bear /bring forth baby


(l) nat/o                                                                                   12. Uterus (i)


(m)obstetric                                                                           13. Uterus (ii)


(n)oo                                                                                        14.uterus (iii)


(o)oophor/o                                                                           15. Neck (of womb)


(p)ovari/o                                                                               16. Douglas pouch / rectouterine


(q)-para                                                                                    17.vagina (i)


(r)perine/o                                                                                18. Vagina (ii)


(s) placent/o                                                                             19. egg


(t)salping/o                                                                              20. Ovary(i)


(u)trachel/o                                                                              21ovary (ii)


(v) uter/o                                                                                22. Cervix uteri


(w)vagin/o                                                                               23. Fallopian tube


(x)vesic/o                                                                                 24. milk


(y)vulv/o                                                                                  25. bladder